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Graduate students and PostDoc Presented at Program Steering Committee Annual Meeting

Graduate students (Paige Sheridan, Sindana Ilango, Chelsea Obrochta, Yazmin SanMiguel) and the PostDoc (Su Han) from the GRAPHERS’ group have made nice poster presentations at the Program Steering Committee Annual Meeting for the U54 Cancer Research Partnership between SDSU and UCSD: March 23-24, 2017. (The posters are available in “Publication”)

Tsou Presented SMART Dashboard at Live Well San Diego

Tsou presented SMART dashboard on the session D: Technology in Live Well San Diego Advance Event on November 03, 2016 (800 public health practitioners and staff)  

GeospatialApproaches to PopulationHealth ResearchWorking Group (GrAPHeRs)

A collaborative research consortiumbetween the HDMA center (SDSU), UCSD MooresCancer Center,and CancerPrevention Institute of California (CPIC)